Resolving the Resolution

January 1st of a New Year

While many cheer and welcome the new year relinquishing the old and going with the flow into a new timing as fresh and clean as the white fallen snow.

Yet just as the snow can be bright white and beautiful there is also a weighted heaviness and cold calculations often called resolutions. Many resolve to lose weight with the hopes to ultimately feel great.

As a trainer that has worked in the fitness industry and witnessed the quest of countless resolutions I have to admit there is no greater feeling than that of helping others especially when it comes to sharing knowledge. It really is exhilarating to see others become excited and empowered with their progress and improvements. Myself included.

The heavy side, I find, is harpers streaming tough love signals and inundating messages to reap rewards. Granted everyone has their own unique method and I certainly don’t judge or boast especially from an egotistical standpoint. And we all need to earn a living. It’s just that it can become heavy and cold and calculated. Like the snow at this time of year.

Did I mention, I prefer sunshine 🌞 and warmth?!?

People are people. Perhaps they don’t all have the tools or knowledge but they’re people and no less than others whether overweight healthy or unhealthy.

Hopefully the fitness harpers will lighten up soon for the love of training and mostly share knowledge to help guide others and not hinder.

Published by Marie Annette Clark

Actress, Model, Trainer and Writer. Inspiring Health, Fitness and Quality of Life for all.

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