Breakfast. Break the fast and the bad.

Avocado Toast

Breakfast gets its name ‘breakfast’ because it does just that, it ‘breaks the fast’ of long hours from not having eaten since the day before. Think about that time and then count how many hours it was since you ate the night before. You might be surprised at how long ago it actually was.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day because not only does it break the fast but it also provides the much needed energy to start your day off right. Now think about the type of energy you typically give your body each morning (if in fact, you do).

‘Break the Bad’ with your ‘BREAD & SPREAD.’

Regardless if you do or if you don’t ‘breakfast,’ you can ‘break the bad’ in both cases. Today I show an example of a healthy alternative to your likely typical choice of bread and spread. Opt for whole grain bread and change up the spread to an all natural, fresh and wholesome ingredient such as avocado fruit.

Healthy Alternative

It’s funny, you know, how we associate and assume different foodstuffs attributes. For instance, when I think of bananas, I automatically think about potassium and for avocados I think about healthy fats. Both are true by the way; however, an added thought for information is that avocados are actually higher in potassium than bananas.

Choose Fruits and Vegetables

Most Americans are reported to consume less than half their recommended daily intake just for potassium alone. However, we can break the bad choices and then choose to consume fruits and vegetables which are good dietary sources of potassium.

Overall, the message is not to choose one fruit over the other necessarily due to a higher nutrient value for one element such as potassium. But rather to opt for foods that are wholesome. This is just one example of using a fresh avocado to spread on whole grain toast rather than say for example jam on white bread or nothing at all.

Nutritious and Delicious

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