Mindfulness Matters

‘Mind your Mouth’ but in a different way : )

There’s much to be said for mindful connection; whether it be in correlation to exercise with the neurological mind to muscle synthesis or the very necessary act of eating. Not just being mindful and taking the time to recognize the action but rather purposefully orchestrating the motions.

Often times food choices are decided upon to attempt to satisfy, what may come across as a craving for one of the common flavours be it sweet, salty, fat or sometimes ‘alloftheabove.’ The body often does not respond in satisfying satiety. However, when we make mindful food choices that will satisfy the bodies nutrition requirements we can experience a calm renewed energy and resurgence that is second to none.

Now imagine putting the two together. Mindful nutrition with purposeful fruition. It just doesn’t get any better than that. An esteemed existence. Try it.

Next time you plan to eat. Your next meal. Purposefully choose the most nutritious, best for you, foods to the best of your ability and knowledge. It can be water. But make the best effort to make it the best for you. THEN, mindfully acknowledge the action with little distraction and forced focus. Appreciate everything, the chewing, the swallowing, the texture. Don’t rush, enjoy the experience knowing that you are refueling your body with the best.

It does not take long to do this and you will be astounded at the results, repeating them time after time again. Your body and mind will thank you. We only have one body for this lifetime and it truly is an amazing resounding vehicle to be enveloped and cherished.

Keep well 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

Published by Marie Annette Clark

Actress, Model, Trainer and Writer. Inspiring Health, Fitness and Quality of Life for all.

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