Real Food, really.

One of my wishes is for real whole food vending machines. I realize their fake counterparts offer longer shelflife but imagine the difference it would make.

It just seems so indifferent for companies to manipulate a natural product, take snap peas for instance, (because that’s the first item that pops into my mind), and process chips from it. Marketers can label it to sound healthy but they’re no where near real.

Perhaps we need to market real food. I try to imagine what that would look like. And quite honestly it’s hard to believe we don’t. We market fake counterparts much to the dismay of people and their health.

What would it look like? The real snap peas in the grocery store are usually grouped in bins along with the other items. No fancy labels or marketing ploys there yet they’re so nutritious and wholesome.

It’s another opportunity to add to the wish list.

Published by Marie Annette Clark

Actress, Model, Trainer and Writer. Inspiring Health, Fitness and Quality of Life for all.

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