Visually Veggies

Living in Canada, I absolutely love and appreciate this time of year, the Spring. The new life, greenery, everywhere you look. All sorts of green colours only not just shades of green but bright, vivid, vibrant with energy and growth. I believe it’s called chlorophyll.

We are so fortunate to be able to grow our own food in our backyards or patio containers and such. Of course we are also lucky to venture to a store close by and purchase produce and products.

There really IS a comparison; however, to homegrown vs store bought. Especially when you can pick your produce and consume it straight away. The energy transfer and nutrients from live food are unsurpassed. Nothing better for you.

I hope everyone would attempt to make a go of gardening for their health and well-being. Not talking painstaking full fledged garden maintenance.

It does not take much space or even effort to harvest a bountiful stock. If you haven’t tried it, guaranteed, you will be pleasantly surprised at the quantities one plant can produce!

You do need to water though, I will say that much. Other than that, it’s so worth the effort. A small sacrifice and I reluctantly refer to watering as a sacrifice. As I’m reminded, once again, how fortunate we are as many are not as privileged.

Fast forward, but not too far, I visualize veggies. As I become more pronounced and influential and get to where I’m being guided, the vision for me is to promote produce. Fresh and real in its purist form.

I don’t see myself being a sponsor for supplements or branded clothing but rather real food. I would want to help the local farmers and also others in countries elsewhere that require farming assistance.

Going a step further, I dream of real food commercials and advertising as people are so impressionable with images and often impulse shop under their circumstances. Imagine just a few posters to point out the produce benefits.

Nothing new for me, the visualizing of veggies. Just a closer glimpse into my dream and making it a reality. It’s true, these seeds don’t grow overnight but they do grow. Some seeds for dreams can take 10 years for the fruit to develop.

I’m truly grateful for this journey… inspiring health and fitness to improve quality of life for all!

Respectfully yours,

Marie Annette Clark, CPTN-CPT

Published by Marie Annette Clark

Actress, Model, Trainer and Writer. Inspiring Health, Fitness and Quality of Life for all.

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