Resolving the Resolution

January 1st of a New Year

While many cheer and welcome the new year relinquishing the old and going with the flow into a new timing as fresh and clean as the white fallen snow.

Yet just as the snow can be bright white and beautiful there is also a weighted heaviness and cold calculations often called resolutions. Many resolve to lose weight with the hopes to ultimately feel great.

As a trainer that has worked in the fitness industry and witnessed the quest of countless resolutions I have to admit there is no greater feeling than that of helping others especially when it comes to sharing knowledge. It really is exhilarating to see others become excited and empowered with their progress and improvements. Myself included.

The heavy side, I find, is harpers streaming tough love signals and inundating messages to reap rewards. Granted everyone has their own unique method and I certainly don’t judge or boast especially from an egotistical standpoint. And we all need to earn a living. It’s just that it can become heavy and cold and calculated. Like the snow at this time of year.

Did I mention, I prefer sunshine 🌞 and warmth?!?

People are people. Perhaps they don’t all have the tools or knowledge but they’re people and no less than others whether overweight healthy or unhealthy.

Hopefully the fitness harpers will lighten up soon for the love of training and mostly share knowledge to help guide others and not hinder.


A view from higher ground

Perhaps it is the grounding that is ultimately sought after and not so much the elevation or means to arrive on top. As the view can become a-skewed even from the balanced point.

Not to discredit the journey and truths discovered amidst the rise. All is necessary and par for the course. But to dig deeper and really appreciate the quest brings with it a clearer clarity. One from the core that could easily be requiring an alignment from the earth’s mantle on a physical realm.

There’s much to be said and appreciated with grounding alignment. A tranquil peace that provides a strong sense of stability ensuring balance and strength and with that comes a resounding wellness.

Helping Others, help yourself …

It’s ironic but prevalent when helping others, it in turn helps yourself . There’s much to be said for the notion of ‘give to get’ and even more so when the motive is pure, and loving, from the heart and soul.

I personally think that is what it’s all about, life. The journey and its irony plays. And of course learning along the way which often results in this gentle and sometimes not so gentle reminder of this notion.

Something about this time of year, the Fall (Autumn) season where death falls in more ways than one offering a time of reflection and appreciation to all those affected.

There is beauty in all things. Especially in letting go. The release. Often resulting in greater returns!

Breakfast. Break the fast and the bad.

Avocado Toast

Breakfast gets its name ‘breakfast’ because it does just that, it ‘breaks the fast’ of long hours from not having eaten since the day before. Think about that time and then count how many hours it was since you ate the night before. You might be surprised at how long ago it actually was.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day because not only does it break the fast but it also provides the much needed energy to start your day off right. Now think about the type of energy you typically give your body each morning (if in fact, you do).

‘Break the Bad’ with your ‘BREAD & SPREAD.’

Regardless if you do or if you don’t ‘breakfast,’ you can ‘break the bad’ in both cases. Today I show an example of a healthy alternative to your likely typical choice of bread and spread. Opt for whole grain bread and change up the spread to an all natural, fresh and wholesome ingredient such as avocado fruit.

Healthy Alternative

It’s funny, you know, how we associate and assume different foodstuffs attributes. For instance, when I think of bananas, I automatically think about potassium and for avocados I think about healthy fats. Both are true by the way; however, an added thought for information is that avocados are actually higher in potassium than bananas.

Choose Fruits and Vegetables

Most Americans are reported to consume less than half their recommended daily intake just for potassium alone. However, we can break the bad choices and then choose to consume fruits and vegetables which are good dietary sources of potassium.

Overall, the message is not to choose one fruit over the other necessarily due to a higher nutrient value for one element such as potassium. But rather to opt for foods that are wholesome. This is just one example of using a fresh avocado to spread on whole grain toast rather than say for example jam on white bread or nothing at all.

Nutritious and Delicious


Nutritious and Delicious of course.

As promised when featured on my YouTube Channel, here is my Homemade Salsa Recipe below …

As mentioned, I try to use fresh ingredients on-hand and encourage you to do the same. Having said that, feel free to substitute and omit as you please.

Chop 1 cup grape TOMATOES and place in a serving container or bowl. Add: 3 diced AVOCADOS, some CILANTRO, CHIVES, PARSLEY, and 2 cloves GARLIC (oven roasted with OLIVE OIL drizzled on top. You can bake at 350 for about 40 min.) Sprinkle with crushed CHILLI PEPPERS. Add 1 tbsp LIME JUICE. (Please no salt : ) Ready to use or store safely in a closed container in the refrigerator for a day or two. Note with avocado, will darken.

Homemade salsa can be used for many different dishes including the typical Mexican entrees that might include: tacos, nachos, burritos, fajitas, quesadillas. It’s a great accompaniment to eggs and replaces condiments such as ketchup quite nicely!

This particular homemade salsa recipe is not runny and can be used as both a spread or a dip. Lots of options, they’re endless really. The colours are bright and contrasting with red and green as well. Reminds me of Christmas : )

Hope you like this recipe and especially the baked garlic. It really is nutritious and delicious.

To your health!

Mindfulness Matters

‘Mind your Mouth’ but in a different way : )

There’s much to be said for mindful connection; whether it be in correlation to exercise with the neurological mind to muscle synthesis or the very necessary act of eating. Not just being mindful and taking the time to recognize the action but rather purposefully orchestrating the motions.

Often times food choices are decided upon to attempt to satisfy, what may come across as a craving for one of the common flavours be it sweet, salty, fat or sometimes ‘alloftheabove.’ The body often does not respond in satisfying satiety. However, when we make mindful food choices that will satisfy the bodies nutrition requirements we can experience a calm renewed energy and resurgence that is second to none.

Now imagine putting the two together. Mindful nutrition with purposeful fruition. It just doesn’t get any better than that. An esteemed existence. Try it.

Next time you plan to eat. Your next meal. Purposefully choose the most nutritious, best for you, foods to the best of your ability and knowledge. It can be water. But make the best effort to make it the best for you. THEN, mindfully acknowledge the action with little distraction and forced focus. Appreciate everything, the chewing, the swallowing, the texture. Don’t rush, enjoy the experience knowing that you are refueling your body with the best.

It does not take long to do this and you will be astounded at the results, repeating them time after time again. Your body and mind will thank you. We only have one body for this lifetime and it truly is an amazing resounding vehicle to be enveloped and cherished.

Keep well 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

Real Food, really.

One of my wishes is for real whole food vending machines. I realize their fake counterparts offer longer shelflife but imagine the difference it would make.

It just seems so indifferent for companies to manipulate a natural product, take snap peas for instance, (because that’s the first item that pops into my mind), and process chips from it. Marketers can label it to sound healthy but they’re no where near real.

Perhaps we need to market real food. I try to imagine what that would look like. And quite honestly it’s hard to believe we don’t. We market fake counterparts much to the dismay of people and their health.

What would it look like? The real snap peas in the grocery store are usually grouped in bins along with the other items. No fancy labels or marketing ploys there yet they’re so nutritious and wholesome.

It’s another opportunity to add to the wish list.

Visually Veggies

Living in Canada, I absolutely love and appreciate this time of year, the Spring. The new life, greenery, everywhere you look. All sorts of green colours only not just shades of green but bright, vivid, vibrant with energy and growth. I believe it’s called chlorophyll.

We are so fortunate to be able to grow our own food in our backyards or patio containers and such. Of course we are also lucky to venture to a store close by and purchase produce and products.

There really IS a comparison; however, to homegrown vs store bought. Especially when you can pick your produce and consume it straight away. The energy transfer and nutrients from live food are unsurpassed. Nothing better for you.

I hope everyone would attempt to make a go of gardening for their health and well-being. Not talking painstaking full fledged garden maintenance.

It does not take much space or even effort to harvest a bountiful stock. If you haven’t tried it, guaranteed, you will be pleasantly surprised at the quantities one plant can produce!

You do need to water though, I will say that much. Other than that, it’s so worth the effort. A small sacrifice and I reluctantly refer to watering as a sacrifice. As I’m reminded, once again, how fortunate we are as many are not as privileged.

Fast forward, but not too far, I visualize veggies. As I become more pronounced and influential and get to where I’m being guided, the vision for me is to promote produce. Fresh and real in its purist form.

I don’t see myself being a sponsor for supplements or branded clothing but rather real food. I would want to help the local farmers and also others in countries elsewhere that require farming assistance.

Going a step further, I dream of real food commercials and advertising as people are so impressionable with images and often impulse shop under their circumstances. Imagine just a few posters to point out the produce benefits.

Nothing new for me, the visualizing of veggies. Just a closer glimpse into my dream and making it a reality. It’s true, these seeds don’t grow overnight but they do grow. Some seeds for dreams can take 10 years for the fruit to develop.

I’m truly grateful for this journey… inspiring health and fitness to improve quality of life for all!

Respectfully yours,

Marie Annette Clark, CPTN-CPT